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The Art of Grooming

For Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

"Grooming is the secret of real elegance- Christian Dior"

  • How do you feel when you look at a Cabin Crew/Ground Staff?
  • Do you admire them and wish to look like them?
  • Do you wish to learn how to groom professionally?
  • Do you feel conscious about your own self in front of others?
  • Do you think you will feel more confident if you knew how to groom properly?
  • Professional Grooming creates that first impression which can be one of the important factors in Job selection

Great grooming is a stepping stone towards a great career!

What you will learn:

  • Grow more confident by learning to dress professionally
  • Techniques of diet and weight management
  • Learn about skin and hair care
  • Practical make up sessions
  • Tips to correct issues in make up
  • Creating various Beauty looks, feeling more confident
  • Doing your own make-ups professionally, to enhance your Personality
  • Skin types & how to prepare and prime the perfect Base for every skin
  • How to meet your Employer Expectations
  • Top secret tips to look Good
  • Makeup techniques & application
  • Easily enhance your Personality with right Grooming

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This course will include:

  • Personality Enhancement Basic – 7 Sessions
  • Personality Enhancement Mastery – 13 Sessions
  • 231 minutes of learning
  • 20 Assignment worksheets
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile, laptop, TV or any digital device
  • Certificate of Completion

Course description

The way one dresses up and looks has a great impact on a person’s confidence level. As it is said, “ First impression is the last impression”, the moment you learn how to dress professionally and appropriately, learn make up techniques, different hair styles and about professional dressing, colors and patterns that are appropriate for a formal set up, you will completely change the way you start presenting yourself and dressing. The homely tips of skin and hair care, diet and weight management helps you keep yourself fit and boosts your morale and confidence to another level. You also start finding a change in how other people start treating you.

Get ready to change the way you look and dress.

In this course each topic is supported with Assignment worksheets that will help you monitor your progress.

This course on professional makeup will help you master many important techniques that professional make-up artists use to create contemporary looks in their everyday work. After completing it you will be able to enhance your own beautiful features, cover minor faults in one’s appearance and express yourself creatively.

Art Of Grooming ( 2 Levels)


Grooming skills blueprint

Let's learn the importance of grooming, feel more confident and master make up + professional dressing techniques.


Grooming skills mastery

By the end of this course, you will gain expertise in all the essential fundamentals of professional grooming and win the world with your confident image.

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Art Of Grooming

Everything you want to learn about Personal and Professional Grooming Tips.

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Course Fee : 399
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Skill Development programs for school students

Bundle Includes:

  • English Communication Skills
  • Personality Enhancement Skills
  • Art of Grooming
  • Interview Skills
Course Fee : 999
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Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Blueprint - Basic

Bundle Includes:

  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Blueprint
  • Communication Skills Blueprint
  • Personality Development Blueprint
  • Grooming Skills Blueprint
  • Interview Skills Blueprint
(Bonus Course) Inner Circle Vault
Course Fee : 3,999
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Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Mastery- Basic + Advance

Advance Bundle Includes:

  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Mastery
  • Communication Skills Mastery
  • Personality Development Mastery
  • Grooming Skills Mastery
  • Interview Skills Mastery
(Bonus Course) Inner Circle Vault
Course Fee : 5,999
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Total 138 Learning Videos