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English Communication Skills

For Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Is your English communication stopping you from starting a successful career in Airlines/Tourism/Hospitality Industry?

  • Do you get anxious while speaking in English?
  • Do you want to speak in English fluently and confidently?
  • Will learning English take you one step closer to getting selected?
  • Are instructions in English difficult to follow?
  • Do you know most of the people get rejected in interviews due to lack of English Communication skills?

Do you want to make a difference in your personality?

We can help you:

  • Build confidence for Public Speaking
  • Converse confidently in English Language
  • Understand and Initiate Conversations in English
  • Open Opportunities for Your Success

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to speak English easily and confidently
  • Enhance English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills
  • Get Job ready for Airlines, Tourism, Hospitality and Other Service Industries
  • Improve vocabulary for English conversation practice
  • Get a proven process and practical techniques to speak English effortlessly
  • Understand and fix the most common English grammar mistakes in verbal and written communication
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This course will include:

  • English Grammar – 16 Sessions
  • English Communication Basic – 13 Sessions
  • English Communication Mastery – 14 Sessions
  • 423 mins of learning
  • 43 Assignment worksheets
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile, laptop, TV or any digital device
  • Certificate of Completion

Course description

With over 423 mins of training, assignments, learning materials and practical, applicable steps that will help you to improve your English Communication Skills and Speak confidently and fluently in the shortest possible time – This is one the 1st ever and most comprehensive English Communication course to get trained for Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality careers. We’ll cover grammar, parts of speech, improving English through speaking, reading, writing and listening techniques, common mistakes made in spoken English, Building vocabulary, Tenses, Sentence structuring with loads of examples and day to day usage.

English Communication Challage (3 Levels)


English Grammar Foundation

In this Course you will learn the basics of Grammar in a simple way and will be able to apply it logically. This will give you confidence to use the language without hesitation.


Communication Skills Blueprint

Gain Mastery over spoken English through listening, writing speaking and reading. Learn to Introduce yourself professionally, Frame questions and the Art of Public Speaking. Supported with Assignments and Links.


Communication Skills Mastery

In this course Spoken English will further be enhanced through various activities where language will be used effectively. Practice through one to one interaction and weekly meetings will bring about drastic change in your communication skills.

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English Communication Challenge

Intensive training program to improve spoken Communication Skills in English

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Course Fee : 399
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Skill Development programs for school students

Bundle Includes:

  • English Communication Skills
  • Personality Enhancement Skills
  • Art of Grooming
  • Interview Skills
Course Fee : 999
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Buy Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Bundle

Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Blueprint - Basic

Bundle Includes:

  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Blueprint
  • Communication Skills Blueprint
  • Personality Development Blueprint
  • Grooming Skills Blueprint
  • Interview Skills Blueprint
(Bonus Course) Inner Circle Vault
Course Fee : 3,999
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Total 77 Learning Videos

Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Career Mastery- Basic + Advance

Advance Bundle Includes:

  • Cabin Crew & Ground Handling Mastery
  • Communication Skills Mastery
  • Personality Development Mastery
  • Grooming Skills Mastery
  • Interview Skills Mastery
(Bonus Course) Inner Circle Vault
Course Fee : 5,999
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Total 138 Learning Videos